With a growing family, this 3 bedroom 2-1/2 bath apartment was in need of an aesthetic and functional makeover.  The master bathroom’s single vanity did not give mom and dad any personal space and it was time to upgrade from a tub to a walk-in shower.  With the kids getting older, it was also time to create a space they could enjoy as they grew.  These two bathrooms, as well as the powder room, would all receive a top to bottom gut renovation.


A swing door in the master bath was using precious floor space.  Changing this to a pocket door reclaimed this space and allowed for a second vanity and drawer cabinet to be installed.  The tub was removed and replaced with a more adult friendly custom shower with a built in bench and accessory niche.  The bench provides a nice place to sit and relax while the day washes off as well as a convenient leg support for shaving.  The kids bathroom also received a top to bottom makeover giving them a space they could enjoy as they grow.  A glass sliding door keeps the beauty of the tile visible and a glass tile backsplash gives the space a little pop.


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