The Owner’s originally bought this house several years ago to mostly be used during the summers.  Located on a private lake in Westchester County, the house and property quickly became a year round destination for the Owners and their extended family.  After a short “trial period”, a decision was made to sell their existing residence in the city and move upstate permanently.  With that also came the realization that the lake house needed more room to work and play.  The garage was extended to make room for a new HVAC system, general storage and of course, the plethora of lake toys.  A full height floor was added on top of the garage space to include an office area , a home gym, a full bathroom, storage and of course a game room!  Perfect for entertaining, relaxing with family or even the late night pinball game, the space has made the house a year round residence with all the perks of lake life.


In addition to the remodeling work, one of the biggest challenges of this project was relocating an overhead power and cable line located on the property into an underground conduit.  Traveling almost 200 feet through the property, the overhead line was an eyesore and conflicted with some of the new design elements, such as the balcony off the gym and game room.  Coordinating with the power, cable and phone company was no easy task and required determination and persistence.

Other challenges included tying the new bathroom and upstairs spaces into the existing house without making the addition seem obvious.  A second oak staircase was added to provide direct access from the 1st floor living spaces and the new finishes were duplicated from the existing house to create a seamless transition.


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