It is with great pride and excitement, as we embark into 2020 and a new decade, that we announce the addition of our new wood shop in the heart of the hamlet of South Salem, NY! It is particularly convenient and accessible for serving our customers in Westchester County and the entire New York Metropolitan Area.

Architectural millwork goes a step beyond architectural woodwork when it comes to customizing the interior and exterior work we can do for you. The accent is on wood in both cases, but with the latter we can expertly integrate non-wood materials into your renovation or addition. It enables us to take full advantage of a growing list of innovative materials used in combination with wood. That includes laminate coverings and veneers.

With this improved and accelerated capability to create and finish custom pieces away from the job site, but conveniently nearby, we can better control quality and craftsmanship. Whenever we encounter the unforeseen as we get into construction and remodeling, our new wood shop services allow us to quickly adapt and keep on-site hassles to an absolute minimum.

Architectural woodwork and, by extension, millwork is what you and your visitors see when the job is completed.

According to the New England School of Architectural Woodworking:

This includes residential and commercial cabinetry (kitchens, baths, storage, offices, closets), doors, windows, stairs, paneling, trim, and shelving.  Almost everything made of wood, built into or attached to the interior of a building.   

This may include separate or movable pieces such as  living room entertainment centers, various cabinets or kitchen islands. It also applies to exterior construction.

Whether we are building into a structure, with cabinetry and shelving, for example, or creating pieces integral to the design of the remodeled room or new addition, we have to take into consideration, and work closely with, other elements of the process. You can’t effectively design a kitchen without having intimate knowledge of lighting, plumbing, circuitry and space required for appliances and electronic equipment. That makes creative and adaptive utilization of architectural millwork through our wood shop a significant asset before and during the project. It allows us to adapt more readily to special materials for floors, ceilings and countertops.

Some examples of what our shop can produce offsite are:

  • Stand-alone and built-in cabinets or vanities for bathrooms
  • Complete cabinetry packages for everything from kitchens and mudrooms to entertainment centers and storage rooms/walk-in closets
  • Wood slab countertops including live edge finishes for a more natural or rustic look
  • Custom interior and exterior doors
  • Furniture and decorative pieces built into the design or standing alone
  • Interior or exterior pieces of all types and design
  • Laminate and veneering pieces

We have the experience and skills at Alan Michael Carpentry to fulfill your vision of what you expect in a renovation or addition— and we rely heavily on pre-planning and consultation with our customers before the work even begins. Of course, the dialogue continues as the job progresses.