Our Rough Carpentry Services include both framing for metal stud and traditional wood framing projects. We can accommodate any window and exterior door installation and make all your dreams of a deck, porch or patio a reality.

Framing — Interior Partitions…

At Alan Michael Carpentry we know how important constructing partitions are to home renovation projects, especially when it comes to interior design and more efficient use of space.  Framing is the first step in building a partition that results in an interior or exterior partition. If you are looking to break up a large open interior space with interior partitions, you’ll want someone who knows how to do it right and understands basic building construction and structural factors such as whether or not an interior wall is load bearing.

Whether you want partition walls constructed to transform a single room into multiple spaces or creating closets, framing includes creating door and window spaces and bracing between studs for additional stiffness or stability.


Decks have become a common feature in home construction in recent years— both in the building of new homes and renovating existing ones— and we include decks in our impressive list of carpentry services at Alan Michaels Carpentry. According to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau Survey of Construction, 23 percent of the new homes included a deck. In-home renovations, adding decks to older homes have become increasingly popular because they increase the value of a house and they are relatively cheap in labor and materials compared to other renovation or addition projects.  Compared to other home renovation projects, decking also requires less time and inconvenience to all involved.

It seems simple, but a lot of DIY decking projects tend to fail due to basic construction blunders that a professional carpenter or building contractor would avoid based on experience alone. Decking adds outdoor living space and is often the most popular part of the house in warm weather.

Window and Door Installations…

Installing windows and exterior doors is not for the faint of heart and is much more than making a hole in an outside wall and then filling it with a door or window. That’s why professional installation by Alan Michaels Carpentry is the best choice for the home or business owner who needs doors and windows installed in either a new or existing opening.

We know how to deal with variations of wall thickness and types of construction materials whether the home is contemporary, modern or traditional.  Older houses may present unforeseen issues like damage to the exterior wall or when safety glazing is required.  Other challenges include minimum door clearance, thresholds and sliding door tracks. You may also need someone who understands wheelchair accessibility.  Weather issues such as water and snow must also be considered when dealing with any exterior penetration.

Alan Michael Carpentry is a full-service carpentry firm specializing in quality construction and customer satisfaction. We strive to provide high-end carpentry services at a fair and reasonable price.