Doors with Style

Doors with Style

2011 has certainly arrived with a bang. The New Year has brought in many new projects from small repairs to custom doors to full blown apartment renovations. All challenging and interesting in their own way. Today I’d like to highlight a custom closet door installation in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.doors-with-style02-before

How to Enhance Every Inch of Your Space

Whether you live in a 500 square foot apartment in the city or a sprawling 4,000 square foot house in the country, every inch of your space should matter, including your doors. Most people never think of a door as much more than a separation between two spaces. A fairly standard element that only gets attention when not closing properly. The truth, however, is that most doors get used constantly and are always in view. Think about how many times a day you use them! By changing colors, textures and adding creative elements, that plain old door can become so much more!


Custom doors are easy to build and can be made of just about any stable product. When a client approached me about replacing her worn out sliding closet doors, she wanted something that would compliment her new kitchen as well as brighten up an otherwise dreary hallway. After several brainstorming sessions, we came up with a simple recessed paneled, 3-door configuration accented with wallpaper and mirror inlays. Made out of solid maple, the new 9 foot doors allow easy access to all parts of her closet, including those areas that were previously hard to reach, and slide effortlessly on concealed hardware. Simple, elegant pulls and a light stain bring together elements of the kitchen and adjoining cabinetry.