Alan Bowes started Alan Michael Carpentry (AMC) with a professional tool kit that included an engineering degree, a stint on his own in housing renovation and working as a project manager on major construction sites in Metropolitan New York.

Yet it took a year of world travel for him to realize that he really wanted to be a custom carpenter.


As a custom carpenter he has been able to combine his skills and his creativity to change and brighten the world in which his customers live— their homes.

Alan does all the fundamental things a general contractor and home renovator does, but he specializes in being innovative and applying the finishing touches that make a home renovation, whether a bathroom kitchen or addition, something really extraordinary. It’s all about avoiding the cookie-cutter approach and bringing something unique to his customers.

“In general, a carpenter will tend to get more involved in the details than a general contractor,” Alan explained.  “We provide a bit more artistic and creative ability and can customize just about anything to a specific project.”

As for his résumé, Alan Bowes graduated from Cornell University with a degree in civil engineering. From there he went to Baltimore, flipping houses and getting practical experience in home renovation. He then moved to New York City where he was a project manager for major construction projects that included museums and commercial buildings. Feeling unfulfilled and missing the hands-on aspects of his trade, he took a year’s sabbatical traveling the world with his wife. By the time he got back, he knew he wanted to start his own company, Alan Michael Carpentry.

Lead Safe EPA Certified Firm

It is a decision he hasn’t regretted and he particularly enjoys working closely with homeowners, helping them to realize their dreams:

“I understand what homeowners are going through.  I know it is a process and can be very overwhelming,” he says today. “Quality work takes time and a lot of planning. This is what we bring to the table.”

Major renovations don’t happen overnight, despite what it seems like on those home improvement shows on HGTV. Alan believes in keeping his customers apprised every step of the way throughout a project because, as he states: “It’s important to set the homeowners expectations properly so they can better understand the process.”

Alan resides in Westchester with his wife and two children.

Alan Michael Carpentry (AMC) is a full-service carpentry firm specializing in quality construction and customer satisfaction. We strive to provide high-end carpentry services at a fair and reasonable price.

Owner and founder Alan Bowes has extensive experience with all aspects of construction, including residential and brownstones, apartments/lofts, commercial and cultural projects throughout the New York City and the Tri-State area. He has worked very closely with architects, engineers, designers and other contractors to provide clients with elegant and functional design solutions.

Alan is a LEED Certified Accredited Professional who makes every effort to incorporate “Green” practices into his projects.

AMC is a fully licensed and insured company.

NYC Lic #: 608350   Westchester Lic: WC-26285-H13