What you see may not necessarily be what you get, even in home improvement projects. However, in a renovation, addition or even new construction, what you see tells your customers what they need to know about the quality of your workmanship.

Finish carpentry is one of our specialties. It comes after the primary carpentry stage of the rough wood framing and much of the stuff you don’t see when that part of the job is done. On one hand, you might say the work of the finish carpenter is pretty much everything the homeowner sees after the work is completed.

Some examples of the finish carpentry we do at Alan Michael Carpentry (AMC)

  • Moldings (at the top and bottom of the walls, around windows and doors)
  • Cabinet Installations
  • Interior Doors
  • Custom Closets
  • Stairs and Handrails
  • Custom Built-Ins, including doors, bookshelves, window seats, etc.

AMC also performs the “rough carpentry” that precedes the finishing touches. We have the tools and resources to do the whole job— from the first board measured and the first nail pounded— so you might say we can do it all from start to finish. However, if another contractor starts the job and you come to us to finish it, we’re there for you too.

Finish Carpentry is the heart and soul of your home, because it’s what you see, utilize and live with every day. A house is not a home until it completes the world in which you live. It is the final step, and the finishing touches in home renovation are the differences that make your home unique and an extension of your personality. That includes, though not restricted to, cabinetry, moldings, doors and built-in features, stair banisters, shelving and everything needed to finish the interior of a home.

Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master… If it is good, you’ll find out. If it’s not, throw it out the window… 

— William Faulkner

Experience teaches you what is good as a carpenter, and sometimes it is important to know what to throw out. Let us help you turn your home into something that meets your daily needs while looking beautiful at the same time.

Any wood built into a house was probably put there by a carpenter. It may be a homeowner or other do-it-yourselfer with carpentry skills, but it is most likely the work of a professional, especially when it comes to finish carpentry.  That’s because most qualified finish carpenters, regardless of their natural talents, have to work with and observe a true professional for a significant period of time.  It is essentially an apprenticeship and the concept of learning from your mistakes is not recommended for as a finish carpenter.  Finish carpentry might seem simple but it’s highly visible, and you need a certain level of woodworking skill to produce tight joints and level installations.

We have the experience and skills at Alan Michael Carpentry to fulfill your vision of what you expect in a renovation or addition— and we rely heavily on pre-planning and dialogue with our customers before the work even begins.