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Fundamentals of Custom Carpentry: Customers the Key

Custom carpentry is customization in the literal sense, which means that our craftsmanship allows us to create, alter and adapt based on personal or individual specifications and not from a handful of cookie-cutter options. This works best through our close consultation with the customer, and the more the customer knows about what he or she wants, the better it is for both contractor and patron. At Alan Michael Carpentry, we help our customers share a vision of what they want and need in their impending construction and remodeling project. The clearer their vision and understanding, the better we can assist them in realizing their dreams step by step.

Consultation and the resultant design plan prior to onset the job are critical so both the carpenter and customer are ultimately satisfied with the finished project. We work best with the home or business owner who thoroughly checks us out to ensure that our credentials are valid through previous customers for whom we have worked. It’s not so much about you telling us how to do it. That’s our job. But the clearer the picture you give us of what you want, whether it is a renovated kitchen, a totally reinvented bathroom, or a custom closet, the more satisfying our joint venture will be.

“The more you can tell me what you want, the better I can break down the costs,” owner and founder Alan Bowes has said of that ongoing relationship with each customer.  “It means better quality, less time correcting things that may not have been clear, and the happier we both are.”

We are familiar with the building trends and historic architecture of the 500 square miles of Westchester County and the rest of New York’s Hudson Valley. Our renovation and building projects reflect the unique tastes of you, the customer, while exemplifying the strengths of your community and neighborhood. Our proximity to Metropolitan New York gives us an appreciation for a wide assortment of building styles in both contemporary and traditional neighborhoods.

Our Signature? Quality of Labor, Materials

Because of what many desire as a one-of-a-kind renovation or addition, custom carpentry relies on the products and materials we’ll need from project to project to achieve this, and they can be significantly different from one contractor to another. It’s not unusual for custom carpenters to have a signature look to their projects, and some of it has to do with the building products they prefer. The best signature, however, goes to the very heart of customization, and that is the quality of labor and the craftmanship our customers recognize in every job we do.

One thing that should be taken into consideration when hiring a custom carpenter in woodworking projects such as bathroom and kitchen renovations is that they usually involve multiple trades in close quarters. Such projects require compatibility in working with electricians, plumbers, and tilers being taken into consideration before work on the project even begins.

Because of the assortment of building features and architects in the Tri-State Area and New York City itself, we are called upon to bring our experience and expertise to residential, commercial, and cultural construction settings. They run the gamut from houses to apartments and townhouses, and we have to work and communicate with, not just other contractors, but engineers, architects and designers as well.

As custom carpenters, we strive to bring a unique and personalized look to every project.